The Turning Up The Youth (TUTY) offers tuition-free music education to the youth and much more. TUTY provides an opportunity for the youth to learn Audio
Engineering, Beat Making along with lessons on Artist Development. TUTY gives students a chance to create their own music using industry standard music production equipment that they would otherwise not have access to. Students work collaboratively with similar age groups from across the NY and NJ area; this deepens their social relationships and allows them access to countless new opportunities. In addition, the Turning Up The Youth Program is dedicated to giving every kid a chance to be in a comfortable, creative and safe environment necessary for them to flourish artistically

Darling “Jamz” Hernandez founded the program in 2019 with a simple idea: provide a free and encouraging space for young people to explore the music industry. Students are exposed to young up and coming artists, producers and engineers and given the chance to receive the necessary education and training in order to enhance their abilities, demonstrate their talents, achieve their goals, and live their dreams.

The Turning Up The Youth Program is more than a music program. We provide high quality arts/entrepreneurship education for young people in NYC with an emphasis on craft development, goal setting / achieving, and artistic freedom. Our program gives students access to industry-standard music production
equipment, along with state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture clothing designs and other creative merchandise. Alongside hosting many educational and social events throughout the year such as Crypto / NFT lessons , Free haircut events, Free T-shirt / Hoodies events, album release parties , creator networking events and many more…

The Turning Up The Youth Program is a growing and expanding program, providing young people with opportunities in Music, Arts, Business and community growth. Our students are the next generation of New York City entertainers and entrepreneurs. Our program is built on a foundation of family, inclusion, safety and access. This is all held in a space that reflects the students community and their culture.

The Turning Up The Youth Program understands the importance of financial literacy and as a response we encourage kids to think like an entrepreneur by giving them brief lessons on business and the responsibility of ownership.

Turning Up The Youth Program